Now gambling is not a taboo in cosmopolitan culture and is treated to be legitimate entertainment in different countries. The gambling plethora is wide, including sports, fantasy, and traditional online games. As the disposable income of people increased in the last decades, their spending habits on online gambling also increased. Till now, many individuals feel gambling is a sin due to their cultural and religious background; even in many US states gambling in any form is strictly prohibited. But in other US states gambling is allowed and even encouraged in regulated ways as lotteries and gambling contribute significantly to the state revenue. As of 2016, the US states permitted gambling collected revenue of $35.1 billion from gambling.


American bettors 


As per data published by the American Gambling Association and the US Census Bureau, the average American spend around $261 on gambling and lottery annually. Most of these gamblers prefer to play casino games on online portals like fun88. Residents of Las Vegas and Nevada are more enthusiastic about gambling. Their average annual spending on betting is around $5000. This generates a large amount of revenue for these states. Canada, however, has adopted a liberal gambling regime and has emerged as a global gambling hub as many leading gambling and software service providers have started operating in this country. A perfect balance between innovation and regulation has helped this sector to flourish. 



Canadian gambler spends around CA$25


As per statistics articulated by the Canadian Partnership for Responsible Gambling, 76-79% of the adult Canadian population participates in gambling. In Ontario, around 6.5% of adult gamblers prefer casino table games, while 16 to 26% of gamblers opt for slot games of different themes. The percentage of bettors with moderate risk-taking aptitude is around 2 to 3.4%, and that of problem gamblers falls between 0.4to 0.8%. The adoptive regulations and entrepreneurship have helped the sector to grow in leaps and bounds; the revenue generated from the Canadian gambling sector is around $ 15.5 billion annually. An average Canadian gambler spends around CA$25 on casino bars, CA$50 on table games like roulette, CA$50 on slots, CA$53 on card games like poker, and CA$38 on other card games such as blackjack.


UK is another outstanding gambling hub


The UK is another outstanding gambling hub regarding gambling outlets and market size. The UK has played a frontier role in association to formulating and executing various betting laws through the UK Gambling Association. The UK is considered to be a leader in the global gambling industry. In the UK, licensed lottery, bingo rooms, poker rooms, and land-based casinos operate. Moreover, legitimate online real money casinos and mobile sites also operate. People from age thirty-five to forty-four constitute around 29.3% of total UK gamblers.


Australian gambling sector


The recent statistic exhibits UK gamblers spend around Pound2.60 per week on betting. Persons from higher income spend Pound 4.20 on gambling, mostly on online gambling portals like ฟัน88. In Australia, gambling is very much an essence of their life as their passion for sport and pub culture. As of 2018 Australian gambling sector generated revenue of 590 million AUD for the economy. Australia is a global destination for investment in regard to the gambling industry, and online betting is expanding at a stupendous speed.